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Integrate™ is a world first program that drives alignment of human systems on projects.

The Integrate™ program is specifically designed for large and complex projects in the mining, infrastructure, and construction sectors. It provides assurance to project leaders that their integration efforts are effective.

The program is the culmination of decades of work with integration challenges across multiple sectors, and a 3.5 year deep dive into a mining megaproject in Eastern Turkey.

Unique aspects of the Integrate™ program include:

  • A comprehensive set of tools and technologies to assess and optimise the alignment of human systems.
  • Innovative leadership development programs focused on the competencies essential to integrated projects.
  • New technology platforms that drive fast feedback critical on projects.
  • Flexible implementation that can be customised to fit any project.

The Integrate™ program is designed for:

  • True integrated projects such as Joint ventures, Alliances and Integrated Project Delivery.
  • Projects with standard contract arrangements (EPC, EPCm, D&C) seeking the benefits of genuine alignment and collaboration.

Integrate™ is tailored to your project and implemented in partnership with a world leading integration coach.