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Complex projects and megaprojects promise significant social and economic benefits.

Leading at scale collaboration between organisations presents a unique set of challenges.

How do we:

  • avoid traditional adversarial relationships between owners and delivery partners?
  • enhance intercompany collaboration?
  • create a single project identity & culture?
  • unlock the human potential on projects?
  • design an agile project organisation structure that enables fast decision making?
  • build a cohesive, resilient team fully capable of delivering a project within expectations?
  • build an effective integrated leadership team?
  • avoid silos, re-work and communication failures?
  • increase project outcomes through a focus on the human system?
  • get actionable and timely data about teamwork that turns plans into results?

Success requires a genuine alignment of purpose, structure, culture, people, and reward systems amongst stakeholders.

A singular project identity is needed for the life of the project to deliver optimal results.

Leading a complex project is a significant challenge. The human system requires equal footing with task and strategy. Despite this, attention to alignment and integration of the human system on projects often takes a back seat to the priorities of program, cost, and technical issues.

This is a significant risk to project success.

The Integrate methodology is evidence based and field-tested. It is the culmination of decades of work with integration challenges across multiple sectors, and a 3.5 year deep dive into a complex megaproject in Eastern Turkey. The methodology is built on a deep understanding of organisational change, organisational dynamics, project life cycles and the study of human systems.

Integrate™ Methodology

A world first program designed by 4points for mining, construction and infrastructure projects.