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Integrate™ is a complete program deployed across the life cycle of a project. Elements are selected based on the type, stage and need of the project.

This assessment provides a wide spectrum analysis of owner and partner organisation's strengths and readiness for integration.

The 'Organisation Integration Index' measures the alignment of:

  • Systems
  • Culture
  • Country factors
  • Contracts and Conditions

This provides an evidence base for deciding who is 'best fit for a role'. Identifying the right fit for key roles on integrated projects is critical. Specific competencies are required for success.

Our IPMT Formation process sets the leadership team up for success. Forming a truly integrated management team requires consideration and focus. Challenging dynamics can arise when combining diverse members from different stakeholder organisations. An effective leadership team requires equal buy-in, shared goals, clearly defined roles, issue resolution protocols, and a genuine culture of openness and collaboration.

Our Fit for the Future design process helps identify the right architecture for the project life-stage.

Successful projects adapt their organisation design to fit the life-stage of the project. This requires a clear strategy married to a strong change management process.

Our Culture Creation methodology and tool kit defines and embeds the desired culture on the project.

Creating a singular identity on a project is a leadership challenge.

Membership of both the organisation of origin and the temporary project organisation is a form of 'dual citizenship' that can lead to competing demands. A new culture based on one project identity must be built and maintained.

The Integrate™ online portal hosts specially designed on-boarding modules, blended education programs and leadership programs - all targeted at integrated project competencies. Targeted coaching of key team members is provided across the life cycle.

Inducting team members into the project identity and educating them in core integrated project capabilities is essential.

Integrate™ uses three tools to monitor project health.

'IP Talk' is a communications app for collaboration and communication. Transparent and regular communication to all members is the lifeblood of project culture. IP Talk is a fast and effective method for communication in multilingual formats.

'IPS Navigation tools' are a set of on-demand and app-based surveys that provide a fast barometer on engagement, culture and team issues.

'Project Health Checks' are a set of structured activities embedded into the project life cycle. They ensure critical conversations are held early, risks are aired openly and lessons captured.

Leaders need real-time data on the state of their teams and individuals that allows for the fast course corrections critical to project success.

Lessons learned are typically identified at end of the project cycle. This is too late to effect positive project outcomes.

The lessons loop tool ensures critical learning is highlighted, recorded and fed back into project decision-making and actions throughout the project life-cycle.


A world first program designed by 4points for mining, construction and infrastructure projects.